Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Words swirl around in my mind, 
lingering like a bad dream. 
Phrases haunt my subconscious; 
ideas won’t leave me be. 
Can’t get them out of my head, 
voices keep talking to me. 
Silence them? Wish I knew how. 
Occupy a space, won’t move. 
Only way to evict them, 
is to transcribe their message. 
Grab a pen. Thoughts trickle out, 
leave my imagination. 
Put concepts down in writing. 
Release. Out of my body, 
they flow like blood from a wound. 
Hand moves, weak to their power. 
Hemorrhage feelings, fears, loves; 
no topic is off limits. 
Invisible words gain form, 
escape and enter the world. 
Come together, a party. 
Thoughts mingle, make poetry. 
Can breathe life outside my shell, 
access a new dimension. 
Validated on paper, 
they live to be understood. 
But how will they be received? 
Poems must stand alone now. 
Flowed from my soul to reality, 
no longer a part of me. 
Extracted, they can’t return. 
I won’t be their residence. 
Don’t own them, they don’t own me. 
Mentally free from their hold. 
Mind now peaceful, still, quiet… 
just until new ones arrive. 

23 September 2007 

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